[jdom-interest] Dis-integeration of CDATA for large files.

Robin Rosenberg robin.rosenberg.lists at dewire.com
Wed Feb 4 14:03:38 PST 2004

This is the result of the underlying SAX Parser, not JDCOM itself,
which splits the character data. It is formally correct, and very annoying. 
I had never encountered this until I started parsing huge files.

-- robin

onsdag 04 februari 2004 22:47 skrev Srinivasan Pillai:
> I have quite large xml file (around 1 MB). I used JDOM to modify the
> contents (using XmlOutputter). When I do so for large files, the CDATA
> elements divides itself into 2 or more CDATA elements even though I make no
> change to it.
> For example, this is the original CDATA element I had in the file,
> <long_desc><![CDATA[Test description]]></long_desc>
> and this is what I saw after the file was modified
> <long_desc><![CDATA[Test d]]><![CDATA[escription]]></long_desc>

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