[jdom-interest] Dis-integeration of CDATA for large files.

Robin Rosenberg robin.rosenberg.lists at dewire.com
Wed Feb 4 15:31:49 PST 2004

I too, thought so originally. I think it happens when the SAX parser encounters an 
internal end-of-buffer,that happens to occur in a cdata section. That is not likely to happen 
in small files. Same thing happens with normal text. Not sure about  comments, but I would
not be surprised. 

-- robin

onsdag 04 februari 2004 23:20 skrev du:
> Robin,
> Thanks for the reply. I had the impression that the SAX parsers splits the
> characters only when the data in a particular tag is very large and not
> just the file size . If I am right then you should note that the value in
> the tag I had mentioned in my example is very small.

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