[jdom-interest] Contribution

Cromax cromax at amiga.pl
Sun Jan 11 10:01:50 PST 2004


I've already sent similar mail to this list, but I haven't get
any reply from the moderator (rejected nor accpeted reply).
Well, I sent it on x-mass or in the time between it and new
year, so I suppose, it could possibly was lost. So I am
asking the question again:

Where to send diffs for jdom classes? The point is, that
I needed some more extended ElementFilter functionality,
and since I could get it with original filter nor with
classes from contribution package, I wrote it myself. Well,
since I like the idea of OS very much, I would gladly share
it with others if of course anyone cares.

The patch is basically about to allow ElementFilter additionaly
(if needed) filter only these elements, that contain certain
attributes and ev. if these attributes have values from
given list of possibilities.

Uhm, I think probably this could be acheived with XPath
expression (thou I haven't tried it), but in case anyone
thinks it is helpful, I would gladely provide the patch.

So --- to contribute or not contribute? ;-)

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