[jdom-interest] Contribution

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Sun Jan 11 11:18:09 PST 2004

Sorry, I don't remember seeing your mail.  Glad you followed up again.

For anyone with code improvements, this is the list on which to post 
them.  Your specific addition (of a new filter) is probably better done 
with XPath rather than filters as you allude.  We designed the filter 
model so people could write their own filters.  We probably won't gather 
a "Top 10 Filters" for the core.  It'd shortly become "Top 100" no 
doubt.  We might put such filters in jdom-contrib which is a module full 
of useful code not appropriate for the core of JDOM.


Cromax wrote:

> Hello,
> I've already sent similar mail to this list, but I haven't get
> any reply from the moderator (rejected nor accpeted reply).
> Well, I sent it on x-mass or in the time between it and new
> year, so I suppose, it could possibly was lost. So I am
> asking the question again:
> Where to send diffs for jdom classes? The point is, that
> I needed some more extended ElementFilter functionality,
> and since I could get it with original filter nor with
> classes from contribution package, I wrote it myself. Well,
> since I like the idea of OS very much, I would gladly share
> it with others if of course anyone cares.
> The patch is basically about to allow ElementFilter additionaly
> (if needed) filter only these elements, that contain certain
> attributes and ev. if these attributes have values from
> given list of possibilities.
> Uhm, I think probably this could be acheived with XPath
> expression (thou I haven't tried it), but in case anyone
> thinks it is helpful, I would gladely provide the patch.
> So --- to contribute or not contribute? ;-)
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