[jdom-interest] XPath and Entity References

Steve Condas scondas at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 24 10:26:01 PDT 2004

Now I am really confused.  I tried my two XPath expressions using JDOM XPath (Saxen) and discovered that 'B&O' finds the node I am looking for and 'B&O' does not.  Does anyone know whether the the JDOM implementation or the NeoCore XMS implementation is working correctly?

Steve Condas <scondas at yahoo.com> wrote:
I am having some XPath trouble and I can't seem to find good answers after searching the internet, so I am hoping that someone here has a good idea.  I have a document that looks like:

My UI wants to find B&O railraod.  Naively I did the following XPath:
But this didn't work agains my XML database (NeoCore XMS).  I then changed the XPath to
and it worked.  This leads to two questions:
1)  Do the specs say I have to expand entity references in my XPath query?
2)  Is there any way I can use JDOM or JDOM XPath to do the expansion for me, kind of in the spirit that Element.setText() and XMLOutputter expand them for me?
Thanks in advance,

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