[jdom-interest] namespace issue

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue May 2 17:31:45 PDT 2006

m2 r2sj wrote:
> I am running into an issue with XSLT signing and need an expert help in 
> resolving the issue. 
> I just did quite R&D on XML digital signature for JDOM and am following 
> the below steps.
> 1)Convert an XML file into JDOM
> 2)Convert JDOM into DOM

It's not clear why you're using JDOM at all here. Why not just stick 
with DOM if you're going there anyway. A shorter toolchain is simpler 
and easier to debug. If the problem's in JDOM, then removing JDOM will 
fix the problem. If the problem's not in JDOM, then it will at least 
make it easier to find.

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